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How do you get Canucks tickets? It can be hard to explain what hockey means to the average Canadian, but when the hockey season arrives, it is pretty difficult to get tickets to any Canucks game. How do you get them? Keep reading...

Rogers Arena: How To Get There By Transit The city of Vancouver has been blessed with a fantastic transit system. Buses and an elevated subway system called the SkyTrain service the city and many suburbs.

Rogers Arenaformerly General Motors Place
Rogers Arena  - formerly General Motors Place

The best way to use this system to get to a Canucks game at Rogers Arena (formerly known as General Motors Place) is to visit the transit system’s website, located at and use the trip planner.

But for a general rule, if you’re located in the downtown west end, you can take the #6 Davie bus to the corner of West Georgia street and Granville St, and walk six short blocks to get to the arena. If you live in east Vancouver, you can take the #135 SFU/Downtown bus to the corner of Hastings and Granville and walk the few short blocks to the arena. Be sure you have your Canucks tickets with you.

If you live outside of downtown in one of the suburbs, the easiest thing to do is to take the SkyTrain system westbound to the stop labeled Stadium. In Vancouver, B.C. Place stadium is located literally next door to Rogers Arena, and the SkyTrain stops right in front of both buildings. It’s suggested that even if you have a car, if you live in outlying areas like Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster, Coquitlam or White Rock, the easiest way to get in and out of downtown Vancouver on a game night is to park your car at a lot near the SkyTrain and then simply take it to and from the game and not even try to drive and then park downtown. It’s also much more affordable than using your car.

A one-way fare on the bus or SkyTrain is $2.25 and exact change is needed.

Best Sections to Watch Hockey

Best Way to Get Canucks Tickets

Best Way to Get Cheap Tickets

Best Places to Get Autographs

Places to hangout before and after

Other sports during hockey season


Best Sections to Watch Hockey in Rogers Arena

Choosing the best place to sit to watch a hockey game depends on many different things.

Some people go right for the most expensive tickets (at Rogers Arena it’s $179.25 CAD) as close to the ice so you can feel the boards shake and feel the puck wiz by your face at 120 kph, while others prefer the cheaper tickets and a seat in the upper deck so that the entire game can be enjoyed from a higher vantage point.

Regardless of what you prefer, Canucks tickets have a price range for you. There are eight Canucks tickets price ranges from $32 CAD on up. One of the rowdiest places in the building is in the Molson Zone, where fans are counted on to create as much noise as possible to cheer the home team on. Plaza level seats range from $92 and up if you’re looking to spend some cash. If you are in need of wheelchair accessible seating, there are quite a few choices available, just make sure you designate that when buying the Canucks tickets.

My personal favourite spot in Rogers Arena? Section 307, upper deck on the blue line. You don’t have to sell a pint of blood to afford them and the view is great, but there are seating options available to suit anyone’s budget.

The Best Way to Get Canucks Tickets

Getting Canucks tickets to games can sometimes be difficult, especially if the team is playing well or if they are in a playoff run. The best way to get Canucks tickets, as difficult as it might be, is directly from the team box office or online via TicketMaster. But as we all know, that isn’t always easy if the game is sold out. So, what to do?

There are two different types of scalping in Vancouver, one is legal and one isn’t. Luckily, the cops seldom enforce the laws that govern scalping, so if you want to go bad enough, there will be scalpers there to take your money.

The cheapest alternative is to simply wait five minutes into the game and the scalpers will be much more anxious to get rid of their Canucks tickets. If buying Canucks tickets from a shady guy on the street is too scary for you, there are companies such as Showtime Tickets that will help you out but you’ll pay through the nose. As a last resort, websites like eBay and CraigsList are popular places to find scalped Canucks tickets. These sites are use at your own risk, with CraigsList being a slight bit safer because there is an increased chance you’re dealing with someone in the same city as you.

The Best Way to Get Cheap Tickets

So, what is a casual fan to do if he or she wants to take in a Canucks game?

Head to the computer, my friend. Local want-ad websites such as Craigslist are well known trading areas where people who might be stuck with two tickets at the last minute are looking to unload them. Each major city has their own, individual page so you won’t waste time looking through offers for tickets to events in other towns. Craigslist is slightly more reliable than the more known online auction site, eBay, since it is entirely local and you can most likely meet the person you’re buying the seats from, while on eBay, you buy them through the mail.

If that does not work for you, the good old scalper option is always available, but they are seldom an affordable way to buy tickets in Vancouver, since tickets are often in demand. There are a handful of ‘legal’ scalping companies dotted around the two Vancouver area stadiums in downtown, but they are extremely overpriced and are known for terrible customer service.

So our advice is, plan ahead, hit Craigslist, and get yourself a deal.

Best Places to Get Canucks Autographs – Roxy, Buffalo Club

Autograph seekers of the world, unite! Nothing can put a permanent smile on the face of a hockey fan like an autographed stick or puck to add to a fan’s collection. But if you’re a Canucks fan, where do you get them?

The best places to chase that elusive autograph are as the players get off the team bus as they enter the arena in the back of Rogers Arena. For the average fan, arrive a few hours before the game and walk around to the side of the arena until you see the signs for the player’s dressing room. You won’t be able to get that close due to security concerns, but there will be a place where you can hand a player a sharpie and a puck and get that autograph.

Players have also been known to sign their name before and after practice. If you can get into the arena, you can hang out where the players come on and off the ice and, if they are in a good mood, you might get lucky.

If you’re looking to catch a player after the game, clubs like The Roxy and The Buffalo Club, both on Granville, are popular hangouts for players, but usually only after wins.

Good Places to Hang Out Before and After a Canucks Game

With the fantastic downtown location of Rogers Arena, the home of the Vancouver Canucks, there are many different downtown sports bars and pubs that have become legendary hang outs before and after all Canucks homes games. If you can’t find Canucks tickets to the game, these exciting and rollicking establishments can be the perfect place to watch the Canucks take on the best teams in the National Hockey League.

The best known sports bar located in downtown is the beautiful and posh Shark Club, located at 180 West Georgia Street. This stylish and rowdy sports bar is located just steps from General Motors Place and is a favourite hang out with both fans before and after the game and even the occasional player or coach. The selection of beers is huge and the bar food is better than what is usually expected from a simple sports bar. Be warned, however, that if you are coming to Vancouver for a playoff hockey game, lines outside of the Shark Club have been known to start forming as early as five hours before the drop of the puck.

Another popular hang out before all Canucks home games is the Yaletown district of Vancouver. Yaletown is a very fashionable and cool section of the city that is filled with bars and clubs. One of the most popular restaurant/bars during hockey season is the Yaletown Brewing Company. This popular pub was opened in 1994 and has been a mainstay of the pre and post game bar scene on hockey nights in Vancouver ever since. One of the things that makes the Yaletown Brewing Company pub so inviting is that, unlike other parts of Vancouver which can give off a snobbish vibe, the YBC is all about neighbourhood and relaxing and having a pint before and after the game. It is also located within walking distance of Rogers Arena and is usually packed to the rafters on game nights with fans who were unable to get tickets.

A final place that is very popular after games is the Roxy nightclub located on Granville street. This is a bare-knuckles bar and dance club and testosterone rules within its confines. If you’re looking for a place filled with hot women and manly men after the hockey game, the Roxy should be your destination.

There are also countless other quality bars, pubs and speakeasys in downtown Vancouver that can meet just about everyone’s needs, no matter if you’re looking for a quiet place to chat or a place to get down and funky, Vancouver has it all.

If you drink, best not to drive, or you just might need the help of an attorney.. Here it is. Take a look.

Other Sports to See in Vancouver During Hockey Season

One of the great things about living in or visiting Vancouver is all of the various things there are to do in the city. Sports are a major part of what living in Vancouver means, and while the NHL is firmly on centre stage, there are other big time sports in the area that go on during hockey season.

The highest profile sport is the Canadian Football League. The British Columbia Lions of the CFL play right next door to the Canucks at B.C. Place stadium through the month of November. The team has been very successful in recent years, so there have been additional home games during the playoffs in recent years. Vancouver is also the site every few years of the CFL championship game known as the Grey Cup. This game is usually played at the end of November.

Another popular sports destination is the old Canucks stomping ground Pacific Coliseum. The defending Western Hockey League champion Vancouver Giants play there.

If football is your thing, both the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University have CIS football teams that play in the fall, though their programs aren’t generally as well attended as those in the US college scene.

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